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Philadelphia Tax Attorney

pa tax attorneyExperienced · Local · Affordable If you are facing tax problems, the financial burdens, the intense scrutiny and the threat of jail can be highly stressful. Tax disputes and tax-related issues are very complex and typically require a deep knowledge not just of the tax code but of how the IRS will approach a particular matter. Creating effective resolutions to tax controversies calls for decisive action to protect your rights as soon as you become aware that a matter exists.

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How to Become a Tax Preparer in California

Here below is an excerpt from our Pronto Tax Class 60 hour course textbook that tells you exactly step-by-step what you need to do to become a paid tax preparer in the State of California.   If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly but hopefully this will make things clear for you, if you are in a state other than California check your state's licensing requirements before purchasing Pronto Tax Class but you can still purchase Pronto Tax Class to become a tax preparer no matter what state you live in: 1.

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How Long Should I Retain My Tax Records?

Tax RecordsBasic Tax Records Are Documents That Everybody Should Keep Co-Author – Kevin Hargnett, Deluzio and Company, Staff II Accountant When it comes to taxes, the supporting material is even more important because the IRS could come back years later with questions. You may have to produce those records if IRS (or a state or local taxing authority) audits your return or seeks to assess or collect a tax.

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Merck Or Mom & Pop, Taxes Control Business Sales

taxes businessFollow Comments Following Comments Unfollow Comments Business owners often talk of selling to retire, move away, capitalize on a hot market or just do something else. Sales of small businesses are up, and sales mean taxes. Big or small, if you have a business, taxes influence—and often control—how you sell. That’s so whether you are Merck selling its consumer care business to Bayer AG for $14.

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Claiming tax relief on pension payments for higher-rate tax payers

claiming tax relief on pension contributionsIt is surprising how many higher-rate taxpayers are not claiming the additional tax relief on contributions they make to their personal pension. For example, if you currently pay say ?2000 per annum into a pension scheme you will get relief at the basic rate of tax 20%. This relief ?2000 x 20% = ?400 This is calculated by the pension administrator and is added to your pension pot ?2000 plus ?400=?2400.

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Tax Debt Help 101: How to Figure Out What You Owe the IRS

how do i find out what i owe the irsIn many cases, many people are unsure how much they owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in taxes if they forgot to file, pay, or pay the total amount with a tax return. Realize that everyone has to file a tax return with the Feds if they made over $8. 95k (2008) whether overseas or living in the US. If married, and filing jointly this minimum income number is $17. 9k. If you have received various IRS letter or CP Letters (Computer Paragraph Letters) stating how much you owe currently or if these letters are old (more than 3 months) you can estimate your total tax liability because it is typically shown on the IRS letter received (example: CP-501, CP-502, CP-503, CP-504 & others).

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1040ez tax form

1040ez tax formFree with TurboTax Federal FREE Edition FREE to Prepare + FREE to Print + FREE to E-file Get your maximum refund* 100% accurate calculations guaranteed* TurboTax Federal Free Edition - File Taxes Online Don't let filing your taxes get you down! We'll help make it as easy as possible. With e-file and direct deposit, there's no faster way to get your refund! © 2012 - 2014 All rights reserved.

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Tax lawer

tax lawerTransactional tax lawyer, Gerald V. Thomas II, joins McGuireWoods in Atlanta Gerald V. Thomas II, a transactional tax lawyer with significant experience in deals involving real estate investment trusts, has joined McGuireWoods LLP’s Tax and Employee Benefits Department as a partner in the firm’s Atlanta office. Thomas’s practice is focused on complex business transactions in the United States and abroad.

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How to file quarterly taxes for small business

by Margot Carmichael Lester , Staples® Contributing Writer Most sole proprietors bristle at the thought of calculating and paying federal and state income taxes more than once a year. “Once the money is in their bank accounts, they find it difficult to voluntarily hand it over to the government,” says Santa Monica-based CPA Bob Wheeler, author of The Money Nerve: Navigating the Emotions of Money.

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Tax Deeds

What makes tax lien and tax deed investing such a safe investment? Seasoned investors love investing in tax deeds and tax certificates because they have great ROI and they are considered very safe. to better understand what makes the investment so safe e and secure it is important to understand how they work. A Tax Deed Investment starts out as a Tax Certificate City or municipalities govern the collection of property taxes.

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