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Structured settlement

Sell your Structured Settlement, Annuity or Lottery Payments.

We pay an Average of $7,000 More Than Our Competitors! Quotemeaprice. com will provide you multiple offers to purchase your future structured settlement payment rights for a lump sum of money. Our structured settlement buyers and investors will compete to get you the best price now. Get Cash by Selling Your Annuity to the Highest Bidder Today! If you find yourself in need of a lump sum to pay medical bills, fund a business opportunity, purchase a home or car, or for any other reason, you might be thinking about selling your annuity for cash.

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Who will buy my business?

Before the selling process  begins, it is important to determine from where the prospective buyers will come. A few questions to consider are: Will the buyer have industry experience? Will he be a first time buyer? Will he need financing? A TVG Business Intermediary will be able to provide a preliminary idea or priority list of the most likely type of buyer for a business. By understanding the types of buyer, a seller will be able to anticipate the buyer’s different financing needs, geographic constraints, and list of priorities.

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Annuity Advantage

benefits of annuitiesBenefits of Fixed Annuities At Annuity Advantage, it is our mission to aid our customers in making smart and savvy decisions regarding their annuities. If you are looking for a safe, flexible, and secure retirement savings plan, then a fixed annuity may be the best way to go. Annuities offer many benefits for investors looking to secure their finances for a life after retirement. The Benefits of Fixed Annuities Include: Tax-Deferral: Clients are not required to pay income taxes on their annuity earnings when credited.

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Loans for Lawyers and Law Firm Financial Services

As all trial lawyers know, mounting a successful lawsuit can be expensive. Fluctuating cash flow is the nature of the contingency practice. Case expenses in particular can tie up significant amounts of money and result in lost opportunities and lead to difficulty meeting day-to-day operating costs.  Some lawyers are even forced to turn away clients or refer cases out because they cannot afford to front the costs of litigation.

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In need of cash

Need Cashby Bernardine Quesada At one time or another, we are all faced with a crisis wherein we need cash quickly. Depending on how desperate for cash you may find yourself, the list below explores a few ways to raise money in a short amount of time. Taking into consideration that there is no savings, here are a few more ideas to consider before starving or turning to a life of crime. 1. Sell your stuff.

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How to get structured settlement buyers

structured-settlement-buyersCourt settlements are very expensive, and if things are not that serious then court settlements can be a waste of money, this is when outside court settlements are done, and they are convenient and saves a lot of money. Structured settlement is basically the same thing; it is a financial agreement where both parties come to and understanding for periodic payments on a schedule rather than a lump sum.

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Today's Best Multiyear Fixed Interest Deferred Annuities

annuity life"They provided accurate information without any hype or sales pressure. Better than using a local agent. " - Richard Dale "They were very good at finding the best deal. They answered all my questions and their follow-up was exceptional. " - Richard Delfin "Despite my initial concerns about handling a large financial matter on the internet, I would not hesitate to use their service again. " - Greg Leonard "Their annuities were well-rated and easily beat my employer's offer (federal TSP program).

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Fixed Term Annuity

Temporary or Fixed term annuities are fast becoming a popular choice at retirement. They offer the chance to lock into an pension income for a minimum of 3 years rather than a conventional annuity which locks in for the rest of your life. The past decade has seen a continued depression of conventional annuity rates due to increased life expectancy and lower gilt rates caused by consecutive rounds of quantitative easing.

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How Do Annuities Work

how do annuities workIf you're considering an annuity as a way to supplement retirement income, you must first know how do annuities work. In general, you would make a payment to an insurance company, and then the insurance company would make regular payments to you based on the terms of your contract. Basic Annuity Information Annuities generally are used for retirement purposes and can be tax deferred. You can purchase an annuity with one large payment or in a series of payments.

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Settlement funding reviews

settlement funding reviewsPeachTree Settlement Funding - Found better than Peachtree Peachtree Settlement Funding was founded in 1996. It is a specialty finance company focused on providing liquidity to holders of high quality, but illiquid, assets and deferred payment obligations. Peachtree purchases assets including structured legal settlements, annuities, lottery winnings, sports contracts and life insurance policies.

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