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Annuity Rates Calculator

annuity rates calculator

Are you looking to buy an annuity and intend to use an annuity rates calculator to find the best annuity rates?

Many people mistakenly trawl through websites on the Internet looking for the best annuity rates calculator; thinking that by using it they will find the best annuity rates for their personal set of circumstances. Unfortunately, by doing so, many of them can easily end up being misled.

The trouble with standard annuity rates are that they are ‘one size fits all’ kinds of rates and they do not take account of factors that could lead to you receiving a higher annuity income .

Factors such as whether you smoke cigarettes, drink excessively or suffer from (or have suffered from) certain medical conditions

can all play a part in getting you an enhanced income that is up to 40% higher than the standard annuity rates shown by the best annuity rates calculator.

Don’t go thinking that you have to be ‘knocking on Heaven’s door’ either because you don’t. Even if you only suffer from a number of minor health impairments or certain lifestyle issues the cumulative effect that they are having on your health could still qualify you for a higher annuity quote.

It’s not just your health and lifestyle that can qualify you for a higher annuity income because even something as daft as your postcode could too!

The table below gives an example of how annuity rates can differ depending on where you live.

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