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How to Make a Fry’s Credit Card Payment

posted on October 31, 2014

As one of the few retail electronics chains that carries tons of specialized components and tools, Fry’s Electronics is a favorite shopping destination for both professional technicians and tinkerers alike. Likewise, their collection of consumer electronics and appliances is large, making the destination a good place to shop for fair prices on a number of different goods, gifts and games.

Fry’s Electronics offers two ways to make payments towards the balance on a Fry’s credit card, through the mail and via their only system set up with First Electronic Bank. If you need to make a payment, instructions for both methods are given here.

Payments Through the Mail

To pay your Fry’s credit card bill through the mail, write your Fry’s credit account number on a check or money order and mail it to this address:

First Electronic Bank

When sending in your bill payment through the mail, ensure that you send it at least five business days before the due date on your invoice so the payment gets delivered on time.

Online Payments

If you have never been to the Fry’s credit card payment portal through First Electronic Bank, you will need

to go through the online card registration and account creation process. This is started at the same webpage as the payment login (, but in a different box in the site. You will need your credit card available to begin as you need to enter your credit card number and your name as it is written on the card – this means including your middle initial if it is on the card as well as typing it out in all caps:

While going through registration, you will also create your login user name and password, which you will use in the following steps that outline making payments through the site:

  1. If you are not already there, navigate to the address (link opens site in new window)
  2. In the Sign In box on the right side of the screen, enter your user name and password into the fields marked as such. Click the Submit button
  1. When the dashboard loads after logging in, go to the bill payment area
  2. When the site asks, enter the information for your preferred payment method and select how much you want to pay towards your Fry’s credit card. Submit and finalize the payment
  3. You can leave the site after you are given a confirmation that your payment has gone through successfully

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