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Online Pension Calculator

retirement pension calculatorThis pension calculator will give members of the Massachusetts Employees' State Retirement System in groups 1, 2 or 4 an approximation of their retirement benefits. These estimates are for members hired before April 2, 2012 the date pension reform took effect. If you are a member of the State Police Department, a judge, a correction officer seeking a "20/50" retirement, or would like an estimate for a Section 10(2) (termination allowance) or disability retirement, contact the retirement board for more information.

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Must-Read Sales Books For Every Top Sales Professional

best selling motivational booksSome people live by the training materials their company gives them. What a shame. The best salespeople believe in continuing education. What titles are on your list of the best sales books out there? We’ll start the conversation and debate with an initial 10 sales books. This page is continuously updated – so check back often. In the past, we’ve reviewed more books and we’ll provide links to those top sales books as well.

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20 Best Free & Paid Accounting Software

the best accounting softwareRecomended I f you want to start a business, one important part is to take care of accounting, which, as many know, can give you some headaches. Also, thanks to the development of software solutions, accountants and business owners now have the possibility to move from the old physical registry books into the electronic era, with the help of accounting software. These solutions are great for both small businesses that want to get rid of all those stacks of papers, and for large businesses where there is no alternative than to implement a software solution to keep track of their records.

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Three Free Financial-Planning Tools

financial planning reviewsThese new interactive Web sites give you advice -- some better than others -- to help you reach goals. By Thomas M. Anderson, July 14, 2009 Online financial-planning tools are getting more personal. Plenty of Web sites crank out cookie-cutter plans, but three recent entrants give users more detailed advice. Voyant, SimpliFi and ESPlannerBasic provide something more than a quick-and-dirty look at your financial state of affairs -- for free.

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3 Simple Ways to Finance a Start-Up Business

by Joseph Lizio Looking for money to fund a new business? It's not easy to get a traditional bank loan for a startup, but there are still options out there. Here are three simple places you can look for startup capital. If you have been in the market recently seeking some type of financing for a new, start-up business, you are probably a little frustrated by now. The thing is: Banks and most other non-bank or private lenders just do not lend money to start-up businesses.

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Personal finance magazine articles

personal finance magazine articlesCategories March 15, 2011 Personal Finance Magazine Reviews Back in the day (aka 2-3 years ago), I subscribed to the "big three" personal finance magazines: Money, Kiplinger's, and Smart Money. Every once in awhile I'd write a review and compare them for my readers. Eventually I grew tired of: 1) having to work through physical copies of them each month and 2) paying for something that I could get online (I subscribe to all of their RSS feeds), so I cancelled my subscriptions.

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The Best Non-Fiction Books of 2012

top 10 best selling fiction books 2012List Criteria: Non-fiction books released between January and December of 2012. The best non-fiction books of 2012 include some of the greatest works of the year. Many of the non-fiction books listed here were best sellers, not surprisingly. A few might not be as well known, but they wound up landing on many "best of" year-end books lists. If you've read any (or all) of these books listed here, please vote for the ones you liked the most, and vote down any non-fiction reads you just didn't like in 2012.

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Personal finance templates

Categories Need a Blank Personal Budget template? It’s free Download Now personal budgeting A personal budget means matching the income one gets with the expenses, in order to reach the financial goals set in advance. The income should include all of the resources, such as monthly salary, earnings from interest, earnings from rent etc’. The expenses should include all spending – purchases, monthly bills, insurance and savings etc’.

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Australian Financial Planning

financial planning in australiaAustralian Financial Planning Are you a business that is looking to diversify your assets to strengthen your financial position? Are you looking for some personal advice about how to handle newly acquired wealth whilst avoiding a massive tax bill? Are you a parent looking at the best way to set up a savings fund for your children? Australian Financial Planning is able to offer you lots of advice on how to manage your finances and the reason we are so good at what we do is because we have clients from all different backgrounds with very diverse needs.

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Cloud personal finance

Personal Finance on the Cloud sujata on February 25th, 2010 It wasn’t long ago that whenever you bought a computer, it always came Pre-installed with a trial version of Microsoft Money. the company’s software for personal finance and home budgeting; and Intuit’s Quicken was the underdog. Today, Microsoft money nor longer exists;and Quicken has basically shut down. How did this happen? Blame it on their free online competitor iMint.

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