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Welcome to Early Retirement World

This site was created as a resource for anyone that is planning the jump to early retirement. There are many very good sites dedicated to retiring early, and this site is intended to consolidate as much information as possible to assist you along the way on your path to financial freedom.

Life as we know it: go to school for 12 years, college for 2+ years more, work for 45 years, retire at 65, die shortly thereafter. Says who? Life is never a straight line, and there is no mold for what is right or what is wrong. You don’t want to go to college? There is nothing wrong with that; less than 25% of North Americans don’t have a college degree. But wait…you said you want to retire early. That’s

crazy talk. Well maybe for some, but certainly not for me. And it doesn’t appear to be for you either, otherwise you wouldn’t be visiting my site :-). So please join me in our journey to Early Retirement: Living Life on Your Own Terms .

I will be documenting my path towards early retirement and my challenges along the way. Feel free to browse the sites and comment on any of my articles. I intend to make this site as dynamic as possible, so any suggestions to improve Early Retirement World  and its contents are encouraged, as I am sure there are many paths on how to retire early and I am as eager to learn as I am to inform.

Enjoy!”> Widgets</A>

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