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Corporate financial planning

corporate financial planning


Income Protection insurance is probably the most essential type of insurance cover because your income determines your standard of living, your ability to build wealth and your capacity to provide for retirement.

Benefits are paid monthly. The amount of cover is usually restricted to 75% of your gross salary.

Self Managed

Superannuation Funds

Self managed superannuation funds pose new and challenging problems for their trustee's under the changes announced by the Federal Government as part of the new Simpler Superannuation arrangements.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds are now administered by the ATO

and Risk Insurance

There are many definitions of Life Insurance and Risk insurance's. Each particular type of Life Risk insurance's does a different job.

Life Insurance simply insures your life and when your life ends the estate or beneficiaries receive the benefits of the policies.

In total and permanent disability risk insurance you receive the benefits of the policy.

Welcome to Corporate Financial Planning!

Financial Planning is a complex business. The Financial Services Market has thousands of different products and solutions for every need. The key is getting the right mix for you.

As a prospective client you are probably concerned with keeping control of your financial future. You may be concerned with personal protection.


situation makes you a normal person with concerns about, Centrelink issues, the effects of inflation, the new taxation programs, investments, new simpler superannuation, and other financial matters. As well you might be concerned to have your life insured or your income insured.

Whether you're trying to get your personal finances re-organised but aren't sure where to start, or perhaps you are unhappy with your present position and would like help putting together all of the options — I can help you create  an effective ongoing financial plan that can provide peace of mind now and in your retirement.

The formal process for the start of a financial advising is the understanding of what you really require, not just in income terms, but when and how you wish your income to flow, and the mix of investments. And for a lot of people, how you can plan your affairs, in regard to the laws governing taxation and Centrelink.

If you are looking for a Financial Advising solution then I can provide this for you after consultation and your disclosures.

I am unable to by law provide to you any advice on this Web site.

For a Financial Plan and its formal advice to you the client, a fact finding interview is essential, together with copies of the relevant documents to support the facts provided to me. This site is therefore designed to be your introduction to the Financial Advising process, to Investments in Superannuation, Managed Funds and Risk Insurances.

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