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How to grow hair back naturally

Feb 12

How to grow hair back

From the very beginning I didn’t pay any attention to my hair, did nothing for years, and my baldness grew bigger and bigger.

Then I took the situation into my hands and started to try different methods. And I’ve tried almost everything except the hair transplantation. Finally I found a solution and my hair is growing back naturally.

Let me write without going into details how my hair recovery happened:

During the first month I noticed some dark hairs in the areas of baldness.

This added some hope, though I wasn’t any sure that something was going to have positive results.

And I was surprised by the fact that they started to grow back in those places where they had lacked for years.

I also could feel some light and weak hairs, too, and they appeared and appeared.

In those places where there was hair I could feel new short hairs while touching, too, they were just above the skin surface.

I would like to notice that the hair fall out was absolutely away during this month.

The second month. There appeared much more visible hairs, but they were still rare. In some places they started to come out in a group of 2-4. Here I talk about those baldness places, where there hadn’t been any hair for years.

Thin invisible hairs and thick visible ones were felt while touching them, they grew a bit more intensively.

It turned out to be much better after the third month:

Isolated hairs grew more intensively in bald areas, they were visible and rather strong. Weak hairs grew in their number, too, I could feel them

or even see when I stood at the mirror at a certain angle.

Further the process developed even more intensively. My hair began to revive and grew thicker. Perhaps it was connected with the follicle recovery period.

Experience showed that new hair began to grow divided into two types. I’ll explain it exampled by one new hair:

There appears a weak hair in the place that has been bald for very long. But it didn’t happen instantly, it took about one month, maybe, even longer for others. It is think, almost invisible, but you can feel it while touching. It remains weak for one month or even longer. But it has appeared already, and it’s growing, becomes longer. Then in some time it becomes stronger, darker and more visible. And that’s almost a happy end, but you still have to take care about it.

The second type:

There appears a new hair, that is growing strong and thick from the very beginning. You can see it, it’s thick and stiff while touching it. It is generally a short hair, and it grows back very slow at the beginning, though it is thick (which is good). Hairs of this type appear generally in those places that were not bald. In a period of time you feel that your hair is thick because of these new ones. These strong and stiff hairs appear on bald places, too.

You should understand that there will simultaneously appear dozens and hundreds of hairs of these both types on your head.

Here I shared my personal information and the time intervals, everything is individual.

Other people have almost the same timeline as me, according to the readers’ comments.

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