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Cms stock price

cms stock price

Could you give an insurance company an inventory of your collection and it's value ?

Do you know what work needs be done to your models to complete or repair them ?

Do you know how many sets of scale wheels you need to buy ?

Do you know how many replacement couplings you need to buy ?

Do you know how many models you own which are appropriate to any given date or company ?

Key CMS Stock Benefits

  • Enables you to quickly and easily manage your model railway collection
  • Safely documents an accurate and up-to-date record of a model collection
  • Essential for insurance assessments and valuations
  • Extendable by the user to contain different model categories
  • Built-in reporting with optional selection criteria
  • Comprehensive storage of a large number of specific details about models
  • Ideal solution for managing information about a model collection in a cost-effective manner
  • 'Knowledge Base' to which you can add information
  • Lets you schedule and plan work to be done on models
  • Lets you store pictures of your models
  • Uses industry standard database storage systems
  • Regular updates and automatically upgradeable from the GPP Software web site
  • Supplied on CD or available as a small web download
  • Highly customiseable: update every list in the system yourself or

    download the latest version from the GPP Software website. All lists are multi-national

Key CMS Stock Features

  • Stores Locomotives, Carriages and Wagons separately with no limit on the number of records
  • Stores any other types of items such as buildings, signals, track sections etc - you can define the different item types
  • Full searching, filtering abilities
  • Records a large number of attributes about each item: name, number, type, livery, company, manufacturer, wheels, couplings, prototype details, catalogue number, power classifcation, route availability, DCC decoder plus lots more
  • Unlimited number of notes can be attached to each item
  • Includes a maintenence schedule so that you can plan and record work, servicing or maintenence to be done or completed. Can also be used to record exhibition dates so that you can plan work against a deadline
  • Handles multiple currencies and exchange rates for modellers who purchase models from different countries in different currencies
  • Selective Reporting
  • Enables the recording of details about prototypes against each item
  • You can maintain all of the 'pick/choose' lists
  • 'Wagon Director' lets you build random operating schedules to give goods operation a purpose on your layout
  • Developed using our CMS database application software - full 32-bit
  • Uses the standard Microsoft Access database engine - the latest technology that money can buy

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