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Online Stock Trading Review

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Our online stock trading review compares the best online stockbrokers from various perspectives: cost, available investments, trading and research tools, ease of use and customer service. Online stock market trading brokers are competitive, which means that their differences are generally subtle. For example, for investors who don't make a lot of trades, transaction price is not necessarily the primary consideration. On the other hand, traders are sensitive to pricing because they make more transactions than investors. Cutting to the chase, we declare that the best stock trading online is through optionsXpress whether you are an investor or a trader. Read on to learn about our evaluation criteria, and peruse more of our articles about online stock trading .

What to Look for in an Online Stockbroker

Once you narrow your research to the best in class, you won’t find big differences in online stock trading comparisons. Therefore, the exercise is one of discovering the handful of features or qualities that best fit your online investing strategies and tactics. One way to organize your research into online trading options is as follows. By sifting through the details in each of these categories, you will be able to find the right one for you.

Fees and Commissions

Pricing algorithms can be complicated. For example, some brokers have no minimum investment requirement and some have a required minimum. There are brokers who charge extra if you require assistance with an order, but some do not. There are brokers who reduce fees and commissions if you maintain a certain volume of transactions over time. Other brokers maintain the same pricing without regard to account balance or trade activity. And some brokers charge an inactivity fee if you do not maintain a certain level of account activity. Each broker publishes all of those

details online.

Investments Offered

In addition to equities, online stockbrokers offer other investment vehicles: options, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. Some do not provide retirement accounts or education savings plans. A few U.S. brokers provide access to the International Stock Exchange.

Trading and Investment Tools

Brokers make quotes, alerts, research, watch lists, and charts and graphs available to help boost your likelihood of success as an investor or trader. Another tool to consider before signing up is the trading platform itself: There are internet consoles as well as platform-specific software applications you use to place orders and receive research, so consider what you’re comfortable using and any platform requirements you have, as well as if you want a mobile app for trading account access on the go.

Ease of Use

The world of online stock trading is complicated, which means that a broker who simplifies your access to trading features and research is something to appreciate. It shouldn’t be difficult to navigate your account, receive the technical indicators that you want, and place and track orders.

Support and Customer Service

All of the online stock investing brokers in our review provide customer service via telephone or email. Not all of them, however, provide live online chat or 24/7 support. Some also provide a user forum.

Whether you are an investor or a volume trader, you can benefit by having an online stockbroker. Pricing is competitive and brokers can provide assistance with your trades. You will have access to a broad selection of investments, and you will be able to trade or research from wherever you find an internet connection.

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