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After working with them to try and get a personal loan (which I did not receive, but not part of the problem in why I had such a bad experience with them.) I received information in the mail saying "Congratulations on becoming a member," which I thought meant I had received the loan. I called and emailed and they said no, you didn't get it. I never received any correspondence from them explaining anything. Then I look at my credit report and I have 2 hard credit inquiries by Truliant. They communicate horribly and I will never go back to them again. They have more fees than most credit unions, beware of this credit union. … read more

December 14, 2016 · Flag

Product: Personal Loans

This place is by far one of the worst things I have ever been to just to start service with them. I spoke to Emily on June 1st to start service. I sent her the necessary information and she never contacted me for 2 days I called back on June 3rd and spoke with Angelica who promised a phone call at 12:30 after she left me on hold for 15 plus minutes and she has verified that all of my information was received. I did not receive a phone call back from Angelina and then called back and spoke with supervisor Iris who put me on hold for 15 minutes came back on the line and told me I need to speak with security. At that point I needed to get back to work and ask for security call me back at 2:30. I called them back at 2:40 to let them know no one has contacted me and I no longer want to start service with them. I then spoke to Patricia who would not give me information to report this company. Don't use them go somewhere else. … read more

June 3, 2016 · Flag

I have been with Truliant for 4 years now. I have never been late on a car payment until yesterday April 18th, because I was in urgent care. Do they offer a grace period, because I am going to my local branch tomorrow to pay it?

April 19, 2016 · Flag

I really like this credit union, and would definitely recommend it to anyone. They have much lower fees than regular banks, lower interest rates, and great customer service. My only complaint is that their locations are so few and far apart. I really dislike that I have to drive almost a half an hour into the middle of nowhere to go to my bank. Wish they had more central locations. Not that I have to go in often anyway, but when I do it’s really frustrating. … read more

June 3, 2015 · Flag

I've been a Truliant customer for 15 years. I've had checking, savings, credit cards, and loans with them. I've consistently had good service in the brick and mortar locations as well as pretty good phone help. They even helped me over email when I lost my debit card while traveling overseas. My only issue with Truliant has been with getting my name to show on all of our joint accounts. That has been a little frustrating. I'm really happy with the new mobile app and the ability to deposit checks through it although it is a bit picky with the pictures! Good rates and overall solid institution. … read more

June 18, 2014 · Flag

I was a client of Truliant for a few months a year ago. I just had a small savings account, and I wanted to investigate having another place to put my money. I had all of my money in one place previously, and this worried me as I started to have more and more funds. I just had $10 in Truliant, and I honestly forgot about it. I eventually got over my fear of having all of my money in one place, and I went back later to close out this account. I found out that all of my money was gone due to an inactivity fee. I had never heard of such a fee in all my life, and I could not believe that they would take so much of my money simply for leaving it there. There was nothing I could do to get the money back, but it left a bad feeling in my opinion about this credit union. … read more

June 12, 2014 · Flag

I have been a Truliant FCU member for almost 20 years - way back when they were known as AT&T Familiy Credit Union. Because they have an actual branch near my office, it is easy to interact with them in person. The tellers at my branch have been there for years and know me by name.

While it has take Truliant a little time to catch up with the technology of the big banks -

e.g. deposits by iPhone, etc - I have used their checking, savings and loans many times - including a home equity line and re-finance. Although their manual forms took a little longer to complete, they provided competitive rates and relatively easy processing.

I would recommend them highly for a low cost/low fee financial institution. ATMs and branches are spread around my community for easy access, too. … read more

October 11, 2013 · Flag

I have been a member of Truliant for nearly 4 years now. I joined when they came to my workplace and provided some very useful information about how they are better than banks. I must admit their customer service is second to none. Any time I’ve had a question or concern, they’ve been able to address it quickly. They have competitive rates, and there are no balance requirements on their checking accounts. I also appreciate that they don't fee you to death like many banks.

I have also got quotes from them for auto and home loans, but they weren't the best offer.

However, overall, I'm very happy with them and I would absolutely recommend them to a friend. … read more

August 12, 2013 · Flag

I haven’t been a Truliant Federal Credit Union customer for long, but so far I have had a great experience with them. I have a free checking account with no fees which is a huge plus. I’m used to getting charged monthly fees at other places. They also have an application you can use to deposit checks from your cell phone. It’s incredibly convenient as I sometimes get checks and dislike making a special trip to deposit them. Their customer service is great and the employees are knowledgeable. I have been recommending Truliant to my family and friends who are tired of excessive fees and poor outsourced customer service. I would never go back to a bank. … read more

August 12, 2013 · Flag

I have been a Truliant Federal Credit Union for 10 years and would never even consider leaving. Even when I moved out of state a few years ago, I continue to rely on Truliant as my main banking provider, since I can use shared branch resources anywhere in the country at other credit unions!

I can NOT stress how much Truliant has helped me financially. Everyone should have a credit union because they are non-profit and are here to help. Banks like Bank of America, SunTrust, etc. are for-profit, which means they WANT to make money off you and charge fees. Why do people even have banks??

-Nice customer service with American English speakers, not some heavily accented person you can't understand, or a robot.
-Easy RSVP phone service for when you don't want to talk to a human.
-FREE user friendly phone app to deposit checks/check balance/transfer money instantly on the phone.
-NO FEES or minimums on accounts - I can stay broke or negative and they never EVER harass me. No bank would ever let me get away with that!
-FREE CHECKINGS and FREE SAVINGS and FREE RAINY DAY ACCOUNT that automatically takes the change from purchases and adds it to a special savings.
-Easy mobile check deposit with NO HOLD. I can literally take a photo of a check I have and it is instantly deposited. No holds, waiting, forms, and I don't have to physically go to the bank.
-Free debit/check card with NO FEES.
-No ATM fees.
-Excellent fraud services - if they see suspicious charges, large amounts, unusual patterns, or charges made in a different location from you, they call you and confirm that you approved them! And you can even tell them to block charges.

The #1 best thing: Free overdraft protection
Rent, bills, whatever, won't bounce even if you don't have enough money in your account. The check will clear. It has saved me so many times when payday/rent was due really close together.

May 21, 2013 · Flag

I have been a member of Truliant CU for almost 8 years. I became a member when I started my job and found that my employer offered membership. Overall, I am quite satisfied with its service. I keep a checking account and savings account over there. It offers competitive rates on its savings product, and its checking account does not carry any minimal balance requirement to avoid a monthly maintenance fee. They are also very helpful in other areas of my needs as well. They provide free notary service, and its bill payment service is quite convenient. Last year, I was shopping for a vehicle, and I used their auto buying program and got a quite competitive quote from them on the car I was interested in. Even though eventually I decided to go with a dealer, I would not think the dealer would have agreed with the price had I not asked for a quote from Truliant CU.

Overall, I am a very satisfied customer/member. … read more

April 25, 2013 · Flag

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