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Triangle Credit Union Employee Reviews

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Teller I (Former Employee) – Manchester, NH – February 28, 2016

At Triangle Credit Union, I felt like I belonged to a second family. Credit unions are great places to work as you get to know your co-workers and the members in a comfortable, non-threatening environment (I wish all companies were like that!)

One thing that Triangle pride's itself on is empowering their employees and investing in them. Participating in Triangle's Customer Service and Internal Service programs was one of the best things I took out of being an employee there. The training was a blast and I have used it to help navigate my career through this competitive economy.

Team Meetings, Community Service

It is a bad company. Wrong people are being promoted and good people get mistreated and overlooked

BANK TELLER (Former Employee) – Manchester, NH – May 18, 2016

I spend 2 years working for TCU and had a very negative experience. The management was the worst I've ever dealt with. Had no professionalism or anything good to say, only negative feedback.always. The fact that I was leading in the company with sales and provided them money didn't matter to them. They only raised my goals, without compensating at all. (Other credit unions actually pay for your sales and give bonuses. ) HR also wasn't helpful, nor pleasant to deal with. Another words, keep looking, you're worth more than what you'll get from TCU.

Holidays off, Snow days paid.

current employee (Current Employee) – Nashua, NH – October 13, 2016

Triangle is a great company to work for. They promote from within and give employees a chance to develop their skills. HR and management takes the time to listen and invest training for the staff. You get the feeling you are part of a large family atmosphere. It is a fun job.

Promote from within, comprehensive benefits package, annual bonus


(Current Employee) – Nashua – October 16, 2015

Just recently started working here but it's the best choice I've ever made! The company as a whole is so welcoming the only place I've ever worked where you are seen as a person and not just a number. Management is great friendly and knowledgable. I can see triangle being my permanent home for the next 30+ years. Love how involved with the community this company is as well.

Welcoming environment positive work place

None that I can think of

Job Work/Life Balance

Teller (Former Employee) – Nashua, NH – February 28, 2012

Strict policies, hostile working environment, all management is unapproachable and have bully-like tendencies. It's not a job - it's a pressure cooker. And you are only likely to receive a promotion if you 're friends with management. Abilities play little role in advancement.

Job Work/Life Balance

Great atmosphere and a wonderful staff to work with.

Teller/Loan Coordinator (Former Employee) – Nashua, NH – December 14, 2012

Work was always a joy to go to. The employees and management was wonderful. The members were great and always made it a pleasure to help them with their banking needs. The hardest part was when members were having financial trouble and we could not help them. The most enjoyable part was making the members smile and helping then solve all their account issues.

Collections Representative (Current Employee) – Nashua, NH – July 22, 2014

The managers are all willing to help and don't find it odd if you ask a question because they have your answer.

Its nice to work for a company who genuinely cares for their employees and strive to work with them and make them feel they are indeed part of the picture. Everyone there is part of the picture like all pieces of a puzzle that fit just right.

location, stress free

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