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University federal credit union austin tx

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Recently set up my car loan account through UFCU. This location is great. The staff are all very friendly from the moment you walk in the door. The tellers, loan officers, finance specialists, everybody is very knowledgeable and eager to help.

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Twice in a month I've gone in late in the afternoon (around 3) and someone is on lunch with a few people in the lobby with one banker available.

I check in with the guy at the big desk. He tells me there's one person in front of me, points at a guy, and tells me to have a seat. The guy waiting is pacing asking "how much longer?" He finally bails after another 5 minutes. Yay, I'm next. The other person returns from lunch. She speaks to the guy at the big table to see who is next. To my surprise, again, the second time in a month they point towards someone that hadn't been waiting, at least as far as the rest of could tell. So I questioned it.

"Why is she next when you told me there was one person ahead of me,  you pointed at the pacing guy, and now you pick a

woman who was in the back making a deposit? " The banker returning from lunch, the kid working the counter and the customer fired on me like they were holding AK-47s.

You know, had you said, there's two people ahead of you, there would have been no questions asked. But I was told one, you pointed at the man, and left it at that. So twice I've been told my place in line  during two lobby visits to have it change. This time I questioned it and was met with unprofessional responses.

The two employees were not on the same page and somewhat combative. Really bad business. The guy should have owned up to his mistake in counting customers instead of acting like I was butting in.

Way to go UFCU. Pffft. You're a bank. It's important your employees know how to count.

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Best'est bank in the world - well at least I think so. I have never had a bad experience. No matter… Best'est bank in the world - well at least I think so. I have never had a bad experience. No matter what I walk in for I always leave feeling as if "I got what I came for"

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