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Walk-in customers can pay using the below two methods:

Cash – Walk-in customers normally pay by cash. This is the most common form of payment. Customers get a receipt against their cash payments and can also make sure that they are not getting into the hassle of paying extra interest or charges on cash payments.

Credit/Debit Cards –  Customers can pay by credit or debt cards when they use the walk-in facility at a store. These cards can be issued by one of their banks or financial institutions or even Loft itself where the retail outlet provides its customers Love Loft credit cards. The Love Loft credit cards allow instant payments online and even in person and can be applied for by filling out a form at the store or registering for it on the website. The cards are received in mail.

Online Shoppers – Shoppers using the website to make purchases can use these methods of payments:

Credit/Debit Cards –  Customers making purchases online can use their MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Visa credit or debit cards to make purchases

online. The website by Loft is e-commerce or transactional which is why making purchases using these cards is exceptionally easy and simple. The process takes less than ten minutes since the customer only has to provide his or her personal details and the credit card information.

Customers can also pay using their Love Loft credit cards issued by the outlet itself. This card allows customers to receive ample benefits and gain points in return of their purchases. With accumulated points customers are able to save money and avail special discounts offered by Loft on clothing items.

Paypal –  Paypal is another mode of payment for online customers who like purchasing clothing online from Loft. Paypal is a secure way of making online payments in general. Customers can add their credit card or debit card details to Paypal and use their Paypa accounts to make payments on the web store. This form of payment is highly reliable and fast since it can be used on any website especially for online shopping. Loft supports paypal because majority of its customers use this method of payment.

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