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The Best Credit Card Companies For Customer Service

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How happy are you with the way your credit card issuer treats you?

While many people are happiest when they do not need to contact their card issuers. it is important to consider how they treat customers in case you are ever in a crisis.

Dealing with credit card debt. for example, is a lot less stressful when the issuer is supportive willing to help you with repayment plans and options.

Personal experience and word-of-mouth often shape our opinions of issuers, but now there is an even better way of seeing how different companies rate, with the launch of the Consumer Complaint Database.

This service, launched by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is currently in Beta form and already shows hundreds of complaints from credit card users across the country.

So here we take a look at how five of the most popular credit card issuers rank based on the number of complaints received for June 2012.

In the 1990s Capital One was at the forefront of the credit card market, and since then has signed on thousands of cardholders.

Unfortunately the issuer is not without its problems, with 121 complaints listed on the Consumer Complaint Database and just over 22% of them listed as “in progress”.

4. Bank Of America

As one of the biggest banks in the country, Bank of America also has a lot more complaints than some of the other major card issuers,

with a total of 89 logged on the database.

But only six of these complaints were not answered in a timely manner by the bank, suggesting that contacting the bank will help you resolve situations quickly in most cases.

Closely following Bank of America is Chase with 79 credit card complaints.

While there is a wide range of issues cited, covering everything from rewards to cancelling accounts, one of the leading complaint topics is interest rates and APRs. so that may be something to watch if you have a Chase card.

2. American Express

Priding itself on exclusive and premium card services, American Express has a low level of complaints, with just 24 currently on the database.

All of the complaints are listed as being dealt with in a timely manner, with the most common complaint listed as “billing disputes” (25%).

The lowest amount of complaints for popular issuers goes to Discover, with 21 issues for June 2012.

Discover’s biggest issue was with interest rates and APRs (19%), followed by billing disputes (12.5%) but, like Amex, all of the complaints have been resolved quickly.

As well as these results, the following numbers of complaints were listed for other notable issuers:

While these complaints are not a definitive guide to how issuers will treat you as a cardholder, they could definitely help point you in the right direction for your next credit card choice.

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