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Bank of New York (BNY)(often Googled as 'NY Bank or Bank of NY') is a leader in the banking industry. offering a wide variety of checking, savings, loans (including home refinancing and equity loans). Known for being one of the top 20 banks in the US.. Bank of New York combines a large capital base with a good service record. When considering Bank of New York as the bank you use for loans, accounts, student loans, or other refinancing services, we suggest you compare their specific account product offerings.

Click on any of the links before to learn more on Bank of New York. Whether it is easy online login, mortgage refinance, credit card consolidation, or loan consolidation loans, be sure to work with a local banking officer to understand all of the terms and fees involved in the banks offerings.

When you are choosing from NY banks, you should consider the range of services it can offer you. Today, most banks provide a broad range including online banking, mortgage refinancing, home equity loans, credit consolidation, credit cards and, of course, Bank of New York money market, various savings accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs), and checking accounts with ATM debit cards. How does Bank of

New York compare on these various products? In addition, some banks offer investment management services including stock trading accounts, and various forms of insurance products as well. Ask your Bank of New York bank representative for what their particular service offerings are.

About Bank of New York: The Bank of New York, (BNY or NY Bank), is a global financial services company operating in four chief business areas: securities servicing, investment management, treasury management, private banking. Bank of New York and Mellon Financial Corporation will merge. According to Mellon and Bank Of New York the merged corporation will be named The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation. Now, that's a mouthful - but the Mellon name has been well known for over a century and is worth preserving.

The Bank of New York was founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1784, making it the oldest bank in the US. Hamilton then wrote the new bank's constitution and became the individual most actively involved in the organization of The Bank of New York. He guided it through its early stages. The NY bank opened for business in Lower Manhattan on June 9, 1784, only a few months after the departure of British troops from American soil.

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