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Transparent Coin Bank Machine

bank machine

November 12, 2008 13 Comments

Having a hard time saving up your money to be able to buy some of all those cool gadgets out there? Maybe this awesome transparent coin bank will make things easier.

  1. Travels up a belt drive mechanism
  2. Drops though a series of slides
  3. Is lifted again up through a spiral chamber
  4. Is dropped into a moving arm & is carried across the bank where…
  5. Another series of slides receives the coin, then…
  6. A second moving arm comes to pick up the coin, drop it into a slot, then on to a track on the outside of the bank then into the

    bank for safe keeping

Once the coins are safe, the electronic sensor system automatically shut off the bank, waiting for the next coin to be deposited.

  • Drop slide
  • Spiral lift chamber
  • First moving arm
  • Second drop slide
  • Second moving arm
  • Slot and outside track
  • Coin deposit slot

The “Coin Factory Bank” measures 12(W) x 12(H) x 6(D) inches and requires 4 pieces of C batteries. The product is available from the Cool Stuff Express website for $38.99 or from Things You Never Knew Existed for $39.98. Also find it on .

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