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Bank debt consolidation loans

Auto debt consolidation loans

Chart shows hypothetical situation where an individual with monthly payments of $400 for an Auto Loan, $75 for Credit Card 1 and $125 for Credit Card 2 may be able to consolidate these bills into a Wells Fargo Auto Refinance loan and lower their monthly payment by $192 to $400 per month.

See footnote 2 below.

Are auto debt consolidation loans for me?

Auto debt consolidation loans could help you manage finances using your vehicle as collateral.

How? By combining (consolidating) more than one loan into a larger personal debt consolidation loan.

Auto debt consolidation loans could mean

  • Lower monthly payments

When combining other credit accounts into an auto debt consolidation loan, the monthly car payment may decrease.

Calculate your new estimated auto debt consolidation loan payment.

  • Streamlined monthly


    With personal debt consolidation loans, borrowers can restructure their credit accounts for fewer bills to manage each month. 1

    Using an auto for debt consolidation loans may mean paying less overall interest if the new auto loan carries a lower APR.

    Borrowers could receive cash out if the lender approves auto debt consolidation loans for more than a vehicle's current value.

    Who should apply for debt consolidation loans?

    Consider using your vehicle for auto debt consolidation loans if:

    • You want to lower your monthly auto payment or rate
    • Your credit score has improved since originally financing your vehicle
    • Your expenses have risen
    • You don't own your home

    Applying for auto personal debt consolidation loans

    Using your vehicle for debt consolidation loans is easy. Simply call 1-866-452-3413 or apply for a debt consolidation loan online.

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