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By: Robert Pugh | Rating: / 5 | 4 months ago

why does the US government allow BofA. and most others. to nickel and dime their customers with such impunity? The Government is always around to bail out these banks no matter how badly they are managed but where is this protection for the little guy?It is almost obscene how much the banking industry has changed for the worse over the years. For example, when I look at the interest returned on the day to day checking and savings accounts today as compared to when I first started using the private banking system 50 years ago. I don't know whether to cry or return the insulting interest. It seems the banks must need it more for themselves than us poor pensioners. They must waste more money just printing the interest returned in our bank statements than what is actually returned to our accounts. Where are the lobbyists out the protecting us little guys from this insulting practice. Have you ever experienced how simple it is for the banks to reach into your account and simply "take" your money if there is a dispute? If I walked next door to my neighbors house and took money from his pocket if we had a dispute, I would be charged with theft. Our legal system is proud to claim 'innocent until proven guilty", however the banks are seemingly allowed to operate under a different constitution than us poor people.How 'bout it folks out there? is there anyone who can save us poor retirees who have given our taxes to our country, save us from these greedy banks? Is there anyone who wants to take these guys on and can afford the hell that I'm sure that these banks will be able to rain down on us. ironically using our money, the pennies, nickels and dimes they take with impunity. to beat us over our heads with. What am I missing here. Or am I just a crazy old fool ready for the trash heap.

By: dskurz2788 | Rating: 2 / 5 | 7 days ago

I wanted to choose a bank that would be available not only in my home state, but in New Jersey, where I work, and North Carolina, where I plan to retire. I chose BOA. This is a bank that I have had my mortgage and currently have my car loan. I had a great experience at the local branch in Goshen, NY where I opened the account. Since then it has been one thing after another. I learned that I could not deposit more than $1000 in my account with the mobile app because I NEEDED TO BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE BANK. Are you kidding? I have my car loan and had my mortgage with BOA. Should we go for coffee?

Now that I have concluded that I will have to go to the bank for most of my deposits, I find the local branch where I work in Mahwah NJ doesn't open the drive through until 9 am. I now need to be late for work to bank at BOA. Today, after making many deposits at the Mahwah branch, I am told that I am using the wrong deposit slip and need to use an out-of-state deposit slip.

Can I get the rest of the rules now? It seems to always be something else.

Had I been told upfront that I could only deposit $1000 a month, It would have prevented any issues. I would have gone elsewhere. I still may.

By: Bryan Holmquist | Rating: 4 / 5 | 8 days ago

Does anyone here actually keep track of their daily transactions? I have my BOFA core checking account and only have about $1000.00 going into it in any given month. The

monthly fee is waived with any direct deposit of $250.00 or more more once per month. I use the online banking and only use the figures as a guide, I carry a check register and write down transactions or ATM withdrawals when I make them. Look at your list of auto payments each month and make sure the companies that you do business with are taking the payments on the date YOU authorize. I don't use checks anymore but if you do deduct it right away and don't wait for the person or business to submit it early or late and catch you by surprise. Of course that's only my 2 cents but i could be wrong.

Mike Mazzoni

By: StolenID | Rating: 1 / 5 | 10 days ago

A month ago I opened a student account with this bank, I am a full time college student and I work part time on the weekends - I get paid cash and had been thinking it would be nice to have an option for a debit card so I wouldn't have to carry money with me at all times. The student account here was free so I decided to go ahead and get an account.

On 8/29 I opened the account and put in 60$, a week later I received the debit card and logged in to my account to activate it, and found that someone wrote a check for over 1,000 dollars on my account on the 29th(hit my account on the 2nd). A check on an account I hadn't even been given checks for yet!

I went in and closed my account that same day, and the teller gave me my money back and told me that the check was a counter check printed out there at the branch when I opened the account, but for some unknown reason was never given. She looked and said she did not find anything else pending on the account, put a fraud alert on my information and closed the account. I was mad that this would have happened, but figured that the worst was over. Far from the end of this story.

Two weeks later on 9/19 I got a letter from the bank about a loan "I" had taken out. The loan was denied because it was not enough money for the bank to be willing to cover, but now we go back the teller having told me the account had been locked down.

I went in to find out what was going on, and the same teller who closed the account told me that it was a loan for overdraft protection. I told her I did not get the overdraft protection because the woman who opened my account had told me that since I have no employer name to file under or direct deposit I couldn't apply for it.

The teller then says that that isn't true and that it is free with the student account. A "free" loan? What?

I now have no idea what else is coming my way and because of this bank’s allowing an identity thief to work there I had to put out fraud alerts on my credit reports and sign up for lifelock.

Thanks so much U.S. Bank; two things I never had to do before I dealt with you.

By: Katlyn Hale1 | Rating: 1 / 5 | 15 days ago

Awful customer service, very rude and unhelpful. Monthly charges not waived even though I had the appropriate funds in my checking and savings. Written various letters to the company about several issues and have only received "the company is always right, customer is not" responses. It's been hell on earth with this company. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!

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