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bank checks order

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Personal Bank Checks – What are they?

Bank checks are simply a document signed by you, the issuer of the check, giving an order to the bank to withdraw the amount of money you specify on that check to the payee, whomever the check is made out to. When the payee cashes the check at the bank, your account is decreased by the amount of money you authorized the payee to receive. Payees also have the option to endorse the check you give them, which simply means allowing the money to be paid to a third party other than themselves. Bank checks are one of many ways that have been used in conducting transactions for a very long time.

Bank Checks History

Ever since they existed in the financial world, checks have been evolving tremendously. From the ancient Romans, to European traders, to you and me, checks have grown to be one of the most widely spread means of payment used. Bank checks were used as a means of payment, instead of carrying gold and silver back in the old days to use them for payment of purchases.

Old checks were documents handwritten by the payers, declaring that a certain amount of money should be paid to whomever they make the document out to; they also

contained all the information found on modern day checks. Afterwards, banks started printing checks with the payer’s personal data on them, and when the magnetic ink character recognition was finally used, account numbers were printed on checks to be later identified and verified by banks.

Checks Today

Checks were first offered in print by banks, but now there are many printing companies all over the country from which you can order your bank checks online. Here on, you can browse through different designs and themes offered by many printing companies, you also have the option to get yourself the best deal by comparing prices and offers based on the volume you order.

Choosing from existing designs is not the only option you have, because you can create your own theme and background by sending the design of your choice to any printing company for it to print on your checks. All you have to do is fill out the order form and specify the data you want printed on your bank checks and order the quantity you want.

Ordering checks online has never been easier and safer, as makes sure that all the printing companies you choose from will give you the best quality checks and using state-of-the-art printing paper to secure your checks against fraud or tampering. You can order your bank checks online while assured by the level of security with which your personal information is handled on the website and while printing your checks.

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