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Most banks are trying desperately to rebuild their status with the public, which is why you should be lucky if you have been looking for a new bank account. Checking account promotions right now are going to exceed the traditional toaster-oven or free-steak give-a-way from the banks. Checking account promotions are an very effective way to regain consumer confidence. You will find a lot of banks offering interest bearing bank accounts as a means to bring in new and old customers alike. This year, what you are likely going to see is a boost in the amount of time that the new bank account will propose the higher preliminary rates. Checking account promotions 2012 will most likely include a longer preliminary period. If the checking account promotions offered a time frame of three months before, then it will most likely be up to six months in 2012. Even the rates are probably going to be even higher than they were back in 2011. This will be a great opportunity. You might come across the word free so many times wherever there are bank accounts that you won’t know what offer to take. What a problem to have!

How You Can Find Checking Account Promotions

Finding checking account promotions has become so much easier with the growing use of the internet. The banks are now compelled to be more competitive because of the overall downturn in the global economy. Bank checking account promotions include interest bearing accounts, freebies and a many other promotions to get customers to sign up. Because these offers are so competitive, free checking account promotions often cannot make money off these new customers and can include hidden fees. Almost all of the banks these days offer something free on the account to get you to sign up with them, but there is usually a

catch. It is wise that you go take advantage of these offers, but with your eyes wide open.

Checking account promotions of Chase have already started and the offers available won’t last forever. The idea of any type of promotion is intended to stimulate the business. When business is stimulated sufficiently, the promotion will stop. And if you cannot get in on the promotion in time, then you lose out. Typically a promotional drive will run for four-to-seven months and when it ends the promotion will not typically be offered again for a long time. However, you have to be wise enough to make sure you comprehend the terms of what you are agreeing to, even when it seems like you are getting a good deal.

Bank Checking Account Promotions Explained

Many banks will frequently run popular checking account promotions among which the zero fee ATM usage promotion. This offer can surely save you a slew of money that you would otherwise have to spend as ATM fees. Lots of banks will charge you additional fees if you use an ATM for withdrawing cash from your bank account more often than a certain allowed number of times a month. Typically, the allowed number of ATM withdrawals above which you will be charged for is fairly minimal, in a few cases as little as three or four withdrawals.

Checking account promotions for Bank of America sometimes take the form of sign-up bonuses. It means the bank would automatically deposit some of their own money into your account once you open an account in the bank as an incentive to sign up. You can check out different web sites to find more lucrative checking account promotions.

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