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Your guide to our charges

If you have a personal account at any of our branches, this guide tells you everything you need to know about our main fees and charges. You might find it helpful to keep it with your bank statements and use it to plan ahead and avoid unnecessary fees.

Unless you pay a monthly fee for an account with added benefits, we don’t normally charge you for everyday banking – providing your account is in credit. There are some events, however, like using your cards abroad, where there may be charges. This guide will tell you exactly how the charges work, and when they may be applied.

If you want to use a service we haven’t covered here, we’ll always let you know before you are charged. If we make any changes to fees or services you regularly use we'll always let you know before you're charged.

Banking charges guide

The following information applies to bank accounts opened from 12th September 2011.

When charges are applied

Different fees are taken from your account at different times. For example, regular fees like monthly account fees will come out of your account at the end of your monthly billing period. This is usually from the second of each month to the first of the next month, but it can vary. If you’d like to check what your monthly billing period is please just ask us in branch, or call us on 08457 21 31 41.

There are some charges that are made at the time we provide you with the service, for example, when you use your debit card abroad.

Other charges, such as the Monthly Overdraft Usage Fee, overdraft interest or Unplanned Overdraft fees, are worked out at the end of the monthly billing period and we’ll always let you know the amount before they are taken from your account.

If you change an account or service that has a regular fee attached to it, such as a Monthly Account fee, part way through your billing period, you’ll only pay for the time you’ve actually had it.

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