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Please read the privacy statement and Online Banking agreement below. Click on Submit at the end of the documents to complete the application. By submitting this application, all terms are accepted by the customer. 

You are responsible for keeping your personal identification number (PIN), online password, account numbers and other account data confidential.

BNC National Bank cannot be responsible for customer errors or negligent use of the service. BNC National Bank will not cover losses due to:

*Negligent sharing or handling of PIN numbers or passwords leading to unauthorized access to accounts.

*Leaving a computer unattended while accessing your online account.

*Misuse of the online service or input errors.


BNC National Bank Wealth Manager Online Banking Basic Services Agreement

This agreement (the "Agreement") is between Customer ("Customer") and BNC National Bank ("Bank") for the delivery of the Online Banking System as described below.

The Customer agrees that this is a contract primarily for services, not goods, which may be fully performed within one year after it is entered into. This means that this contract does not have to be "in writing" to be enforceable under applicable law.

Section 1. Definitions

Accounts: Any Personal Account as included on the Online Banking Application and approved by the Bank in writing.

Business Day. The day during which the main office of the Bank is open for business, in accordance with specified cut-off times, and during which the Bank is able to download Customer's information and process transactions.

Current Balance: The Account balance that is the result of the total debit and credit activity as of a specific date and time for all Accounts.

Collected Balance. The Current Balance of the Account, minus holds, minus uncollected funds, plus all memo posted credits, minus all memo posted debits, plus unused overdraft protection line.

Available Balance. The current balance of the Account minus holds and memo posted debits plus memo posted credits and unused Overdraft Protection (ODP) line.

Float. Dollar amount of deposited items that are in the process of collection from drawee banks. Also known as uncollected funds.

Hold. A restriction on payment of all or any part of the balance in an account.

Memo Posted Debits. Any debits being posted to the account for the business day. For example, ACH debit transactions, wire transfers, and teller cashed checks.

Memo Posted Credits. Any credits being posted to the account for the business day. For example, ACH credit transactions and wire transfers.

Section 2. Function Capabilities

As a user of the Online Banking, Customer has access to any of the services listed below.

a. Perform Account inquires on Account data and transaction history on the Accounts.

b. Initiate stop-payment requests. Customer understands the electronically transmitted stop-payment orders are pending final verification that check has not been processed and that stop-payment is valid. The Bank must receive the stop-payment order in time to allow the Bank reasonable opportunity to act on it. 

The Bank must receive the stop-payment prior to the item being presented for

payment. Computer initiated stop-payment orders must be printed, signed and sent to the Bank within 14 calendar days to be effective for six months. If such order is not received within 14 calendar days, the stop-payment order will expire on the fourteenth calendar day.

c. Send and receive messages (to and from the Bank). Messages to the Bank will automatically be routed to a Bank printer. Bank is not responsible for any delay in messages being retrieved. Urgent messages should be verified by a telephone call to Bank. Customer is responsible to periodically check for messages sent by the Bank.

d. Initiate transfers between any accounts set up within Online Banking with the exception of time accounts. Customer is limited to six pre-authorized automatic transfers or withdrawals per month out of statement savings and money market deposit (MMDA) accounts. Transfers made via Online Banking are included as pre-authorized or automatic transfers subject to these limitations. Any transfers in excess of these limits must be done in person at the Bank or be subject to account closure.

e.Customer is not permitted to transfer more than the ledger balance from deposit accounts.

f. Perform Account Reconciliation.

Section 3. Acknowledgements of Customer

Bank reserves the right to eliminate or change any of the function capabilities at any time without prior notice.

Bank may from time to time update Online Banking and documentation. Such updates will be subject to this Agreement.

Customer's use of the Online Banking may be made by use of certain numbers, codes, personal identification numbers (PINs), or other means which

are acceptable to bank for establishing identity and acceptance of the electronic communications. All electronic communications that meet these requirements will be deemed to be valid and authentic and Customer intends and agrees that these electronic communications will be given the same legal effect as written and signed paper communications. Customer agrees that electronic copies of communications are valid and Customer will not contest the validity of the originals or copies, absent proof of alerted data or tampering.

Customer is responsible for keeping her/his personal identification number (PIN), online password, account numbers and other account data confidential. BNC National Bank cannot be responsible for customer errors or negligent use of the service. BNC National Bank will not cover losses due to: 1) Negligent sharing or handling of PIN numbers or passwords leading to unauthorized access to accounts. 2) Leaving a computer unattended while accessing his/her online account. 3) Misuse of the online service or input errors.

Customer will notify Bank immediately if Customer believes his/her ID and/or password has been used without his/her permission.

Bank cutoff time for same day credit of online transfers is 6:00 p.m. CST.

Customer has received and understands all signature card rules and regulations and all agreements and disclosures connected with opening of Accounts and acknowledges that this Agreement is in addition to any of these agreements and disclosures.

Except during system maintenance Customer has access to account with Bank 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Customer will continue to receive regular account statements that describe all transactions for the Accounts including the transactions that Customer has initiated through the Online Banking. Customer is responsible for prompt review of all statements and report in writing any irregularities to the Bank at once. For all electronic transactions governed by Reg. E, errors must be reported in writing within sixty (60) days; other discrepancies must be reported within thirty (30) days after the statement date.

Customer's ability to access accounts through Online Banking is free. Customer might pay an internet provider a fee to access the internet. Customer's BNC accounts are subject to any fees and charges normally assessed with accounts. These fees are described on account Truth In Savings Disclosures provided at account opening. Any pricing or policy changes adopted by Bank in the future will constitute modifications or addends to the Agreement but will not nullify it.

For your protection customer's Online Banking account will be deleted when it has NOT been accessed for 1 year or more. Customer can re-apply for Online Banking services at any time.

k. This Agreement shall continue until Bank receives written notification of Customer's revocation or until Bank advises Customer in writing that Bank will not continue this service for Customer. Termination by either party does not relieve Customer of his/her liability for transactions or responsibilities for payment of all fees incurred prior to termination.

l. The Bank agrees to add/terminate services provided to Customer within a reasonable time period after receipt by Bank of written notice or e-mail by Customer.

m. The WealthManager Online Banking software runs in a secure environment using firewalls and an encryption process to ensure security for all traffic that is transmitted over the internet.

Section 4. Acknowledgments, Responsibilities, and Liabilities of Bank

a. Except for acts of gross negligence or willful breach of duties by Bank, Bank will not be liable to Customer for any matters related to this Agreement, including without limitation, lost profits or consequential, special, or punitive damages, inaccuracy, or delays in transmission of information.

b. Bank makes no warranties or representations with respect to the Online Banking, express

or implied, including but not limited to, warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Section 5. Joint Acknowledgement and Representations

This agreement is governed by and will be interpreted under the laws of the State of North Dakota, Minnesota and Arizona as determined by location of customer accounts.

This agreement incorporates by reference all information on Customer's Online Banking Application which Customer represents as true and complete in all respects.

Customer has read and understands this Agreement.

Upon occurrence of any overdraft incurred in the Accounts, Bank shall have the right, in Bank's sole discretion to: (i) refuse payment of any outstanding and unpaid checks drawn on any Account listed on the Online Banking Application, and (ii) withhold from processing any transaction generated on the Accounts if sufficient funds to cover such transaction have not been credited to the Accounts .

Each party represents and warrants to the other that it is authorized to enter into this Agreement.

If at any time any section of this Agreement is found to be invalid, that does not make the remaining sections or terms invalid.

I have read the above agreement and do hereby agree to abide by its terms and conditions.

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