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Bank Promotions: 7 Banks Offering the Most Amazing Bank Account Incentives

Opening up a bank account can be a pretty exciting prospect when you think about the many bank giveaways  that often come with an account. Whether you’re getting your hands on free checks, high-interest bank rates or discounts on admission to amusement parks, being a member of a bank or credit union can undoubtedly be exciting.

But since there are so many financial institutions across the United States, choosing one place to deposit funds can be challenging. Banks are well aware of this, so they lure you in with pretty amazing bank account promotions .

7 Awesome Bank Account Promotions

If you’re not actually searching for new bank account promotions. you may not notice just how many are available to individuals who are interested in everything from opening a checking account to depositing money into a certificate of deposit.

More often than not, opening a bank account nowadays can mean walking away with a pretty nice freebie if you know where to look. Here are seven past and current bank giveaways that will definitely encourage you to search for some great bank account promotions of your own.

#1. Free Cash

One of the most common bank giveaways you’ll run into are cash giveaways. Multiple banks take this route when offering promotions, but this doesn’t make the giveaway any less valuable or fun to acquire.

Some banks that are currently giving away cash incentives for opening an account includes:

  • US Bank: Individuals who open a checking account and present the code CK1130A can take advantage of a $200 checking account bonus until November 30, 2012. Individuals must set up a recurring direct deposit of at least $100 within 60 days of opening their account.
  • PNC Bank: Individuals who open a PNC Virtual Wallet account will receive a $150 cash bonus after completing a direct deposit sign-up and making 10 purchases with the bank’s Visa Check Card. Checking accounts must also maintain at least $2,000 to qualify.
  • First Trade Credit Union:  The credit union is offering a $100 bonus to individuals who open a Virtual Checking account through December 31, 2012. To receive the bonus, depositors must set up direct deposit. The credit union is based in Massachusetts, but allows customers from across the United States to open personal deposit accounts.

These are just a few banks across the United States that offers great cash deals. Check around at financial institutions near you for more details.


#2. Free McAfee

Last year, Bank of America offered its customers free McAfee internet security for 12 months. But this was not for individuals who opened a new account. Instead, it was offered to existing Bank of America customers. What was even better about the deal was after 12 months, customers were able to enroll in an additional year of protection for $34.98, which was 50 percent off the original price.

#3. Free Bonus Airline Miles

Last year, Capital One rolled out a program that rewarded money market account holders with airline miles for money they saved in their accounts. For simply opening an account with a minimum of $500, depositors earned 2,500 bonus miles. Customers also earned 1 mile for each $20 of their average balance for the month.

#4. “Museums on Us”

A Bank of America promotion that started in 2011 and has continued into 2012 is “Museums on Us.”  Individuals who can show their Bank of America or Merrill Lynch checks, ATM cards or credit cards along with photo ID at a participating museum will receive free admission during the first full weekend of the month all year.

The promotion includes free general admission to over 150 museums, zoos, science centers, botanical gardens and more across the United States. With there only being two more opportunities in 2012 for this incentive, individuals interested in this deal need to jump on it immediately.


#5. Saks Fifth Avenue Gift Card

Last year, HSBC Bank offered customers who opened accounts and met specific qualifications a $900 Saks Fifth Avenue gift card. Unfortunately, according to the Wall Street Journal, the cards may not have been entirely free. At the end of the year, thousands of customers who received the cards received the IRS form 1099, which for some meant the possibility of paying taxes on the gift cards.

#6. Front-Row Seats

Last year, Chase Bank made headlines after it offered an unusual freebie for individuals who opened an account in New York City. For depositing $100,000, the bank offered two free front-row tickets to a sports match, musical or concert. The deal was valued at as much as $1,000, or the equivalent of a 2-percent rate.

#7. Mercedes Benz

C1 Bank in Lakewood Ranch, Fla. made headlines earlier this year when it offered one of the best bank promotions in history: a brand new Mercedes Benz.

In order to score one of four vehicles being offered (2012 SLK350 Roadster, 2012 E350 Sedan, 2012 ML350 SUV, and 2012 E350 Convertible), an individual had to deposit $1 million into a 60-month jumbo CD.

While it is clearly cheaper to just go out and buy the car than open a CD, those who were looking to put some money away anyway in savings couldn’t lose with this fantastic offer.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll find an amazing offer like the savings and checking account promotions listed above when you open a bank account. And of course, not all banks provide their prospective customers with bank giveaways worth much; in fact, there are a handful of lame bank promotions  out there, too.

But with some searching, you may find some nice incentives that make you feel that much more excited about opening a new bank account.

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