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Bank Of America Checking & Savings Account Promotions 2014


Here’s a compilation of all the Bank of America Checking bonus money, deals and other promotions for 2014. Bank of America is currently the nation’s 2nd largest bank and they’re never short on providing special bank offers to get new customers.

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BOA Keep The Change Savings $250 Bonus!

*Update 05/08/2014: The $250 match is no longer available for the program. I will update when it starts back up again.

Here’s how this works. Bank of America will basically round up to the next dollar all your purchases made with your BOA debit card, and transfer those differences to your BOA savings account. Then, for the first 3 months of the program, they will match all those transfers into your savings account. And they will match up to


For example – say you make a purchase with your debit card for $2.25. Rounding up to the next dollar, there would be a $0.75 cent difference. That 75 cent bonus will then get transferred to your savings account, plus they will match those 75 cents within the first 3 months – totaling a $1.50 bonus transferred into your savings account! After the 3 month intro period is over, you’ll still get the rounded up difference transferred into your savings account.

You need these 3 Bank of America products to participate: a checking account, a debit card, and a savings account.

More Details

BOA $100 Bonus For New Personal Checking Accounts!

This bonus DOES require direct deposit!

To qualify:

  • Fill out the online application with offer code BAW100N
  • Receive qualifying direct deposits totaling $2,000 every 30 days from account opening date for 90 days
  • Once these steps are verified, you’ll get $100 deposited into your new checking account

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