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Accurate bank routing numbers-ABA and ACH routing numbers-are essential for banks, credit unions, payroll departments, call centers, ACH processors, e-commerce developers, and anyone involved with payment processing. Lyons currently provides approximately 3 million pieces of important data (on demand) to their clients annually, which enables those clients to make a better-informed and more timely decision regarding electronic payments and/or compliance.

Routing Number Verification Services:

  • iBankRegistry™ Online Routing Number Verification: Browser-based access to up-to-date financial institution data.
  • iBankRegistry™ Bank Routing Number Database: FTP access to Routing Number Verification Database.

  • iBankRegistry™ Routing Number Verification Web Services/API: SOAP web services/API designed to be easily implemented in your application.
  • More than 1,000 financial institutions, government agencies, payment processors, and Fortune 500 companies depend on Lyons for verifying bank routing numbers. We help our clients with managing risk and increasing operational efficiencies.

    iBankRegistry's advanced search engine provides flexible capabilities to search with limited information including partial bank routing numbers and retired bank routing numbers. Registered users receive instant access to detailed bank information. Click here to register for trial access .

    Detailed Financial Institution Data:

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