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Thread: Best no fee business bank account with CC

bank account for businessDeal Addict

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Best no fee business bank account with CC

Deal Addict

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Sounds great at first blush but geez, they charge if you deposit a check or cash into an ATM! They charge you to deposit money! Crazy!

You are being charged instant interest of 0.2%+ of whatever you deposit at an ATM. Work out what that rate is on an annualized basis, lol.

Standard fees (opens new window) apply for other services, including cheques and cash deposited at RBC ATMs, Pay Employees & Vendors (PEV), wire transfers, etc. when completed online:

Fees for the RBC Small Business eAccount

Monthly fees and volumes

Package fee None

Included account transactions

Debits (electronic) Unlimited

Credits (electronic) Unlimited

The following fees apply to transactions in excess of the included account transactions

Paper debits or cheques $1.50

Paper credits or deposits $3.50

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