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Best Bank Account Bonuses For September 2014

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Below we’ve listed our top five favorite checking & saving account bonuses totaling $1,350 in bonuses in order from best to worst for July, 2014. We’ve also included a little bit of information on each bonus, make sure you click through and read our detailed posts on each offer before signing up – that way you won’t be caught unawares of hidden fees.

Best Checking Account Bonuses

1. PNC Up To $300

The beauty of the PNC offering is that’s flexible based on what you can afford. The highest bonus of $300 has some big requirements to keep it fee free and to trigger the bonus, but if you don’t feel comfortable (or don’t have enough money saved up) you can easily choose one of the smaller bonuses of $100 or $200. You can also get an additional $100 by completing their saving account bonus (more on this in the saving account section).

2. Chase $300 Checking Bonus

Not available as a direct link, must be purchased from eBay. Usually costs $50-$60, also comes with a $200 savings account coupon.

This is a good bonus, especially when you consider that it is easily paired with the $200 saving account bonus (they are both on the same coupon). The downside is that you need to purchase a coupon code directly from eBay which is why it’s not higher up.

3. Chase $200 Checking bonus

We’d recommend going for the $300 offer above, but if you don’t feel comfortable purchasing a coupon from eBay then this is your next best bet. This is the offer that I completed earlier in the year, I just wish I had waited for the $300 offer. Hindsight is 20/20.

4. BMO Harris Up To $200

Similar to the PNC deal, you can choose which bonus you’d like to go for (either $150 or $200) depending on which requirements you’ll be able to meet. This bonus would’ve ranked higher, but a lot of people have reported issues with this bank (hard to deal with and get the account set up).

Best Saving Account Bonuses

1. Chase Savings $200

Available with the $300 or $200 checking promotions listed above.

  • Soft credit pull
  • No monthly fee
  • Requires a deposit of $15,000 or more to be maintained for at least 90 days

2. PNC Savings $100

  • Soft credit pull
  • No monthly fee
  • Requires a deposit of $20,000 or more to be maintained for at least 90 days

More Bank Account Bonuses

If you want more bank account bonuses, we suggest looking at our current bank account bonus page which contains all current bank account bonuses as well as sortable information such as: bonus size, whether it is a soft or hard credit inquiry, direct deposit requirements, monthly fees & early account termination fees. Click here to view this information .

All bank account bonuses are treated as interest and as such you need to pay tax on them. You should receive an 1099-INT form at the end of the year form every bank you received a bonus from.

If you know of any better bank account bonuses, let us know in the comments section and we will add them.

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