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Our account gives you access to the features you need the most, from Direct Debit facilities and online account management to an expert budgeting service and your own thinkmoney Prepaid Debit MasterCard® - a debit card that you can use in shops and cash machines all over the world - almost anywhere you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

An account for bad credit

If you've had financial problems in the past, our bad credit account could be the perfect account for you.

It's called a 'bad credit' account because everyone can apply, whatever their credit history. Even if you have CCJs against you. Even if you've entered bankruptcy or an IVA. As long as you can prove your identity, you could apply for an account with us.

But it's not just for people with a bad credit rating. Our account can help anyone who's looking for expert help managing their money - looking for the peace of mind that comes from knowing they've arranged for their bills to be paid.

Apply online for an account today

It's easy to apply for an account. You can start your application online right now - just fill in the form on this page.

There's no credit check, so you won't be kept waiting while someone looks into your past. We can open your bad credit account as soon as we've confirmed your identity and you've returned your signed application form.

Apply for your account today

Answer a few simple questions to get your thinkmoney Personal Account application started.

Online account management

With the thinkmoney Personal Account, managing your finances online is simple. Our online account management service lets you

check your balance, set up and alter Direct Debits and standing orders, make one-off payments, view your transactions over the last three months and so much more.

What's more, it's safe and secure. We use a comprehensive range of security measures to keep your money safe and your details confidential. And we won't charge you a penny extra for this feature (although your usual internet charges will apply).

So much more than a basic account

If you've struggled to get a current account, you're not alone. Millions of people find that the 'standard' high street bank accounts simply aren't open to them.

Today, that doesn't have to be a problem. Banks everywhere offer basic bank accounts - also known as bad credit bank accounts, CCJ bank accounts, IVA / bankrupt bank accounts, or bank accounts for bankrupts.

Whatever name people use, a basic bank account offers the 'basic' account features that people are usually looking for.

What we offer is a practical alternative to a basic bank account. With our special two-account system - and the hands-on budgeting service that our dedicated Money Managers provide - we can help you make sure you never miss a payment again. For a monthly fee of £14.50 for a single account or £21.25 for a joint Personal Account, you could benefit from:

  • No more unexpected charges
  • No more charges for missed / late / rejected payments
  • No more calls from creditors and service providers asking where their payments are

All that - and no credit check. Even if you have an adverse credit history, you could apply for a thinkmoney Personal Account today.

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