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Back taxes relief

back taxes relief

Delinquent Tax Returns

When you don't file taxes and owe money to the IRS, your tax return is considered delinquent. There are many reasons why people fail to file their taxes on time, including job loss and divorce. Whatever your reason, you should know that it is never too late to file a delinquent tax return and that it's also never too late to work out an arrangement with the IRS for repayment.

Know Your Options

There are several IRS back tax relief strategies available. If your situation is such that you are unable to make any type of repayment arrangement on your tax debt you may qualify for what the IRS calls "current non-collectible status." If you can afford to make any type of payment,

your best bet is to contact the IRS, either directly or via an experienced tax attorney, to work out a payment arrangement.

In more serious cases, tax amnesty is another option if you are faced with pending criminal charges and are able to submit your tax returns before the IRS formally files the charges. In any case, contacting the IRS as soon as possible is always your best option.

Learning More About Tax Relief and Repayment Options

When you set up a repayment program with the IRS, you will likely be put on a payment installment program, with the monthly payment amount dependent on your financial situation, the total amount that you owe, and other factors.

Protecting Your Rights and Your Assets

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