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How to Use ATM Banks for Kids

When you open your ATM bank, you must program in the date, time, your child's name and your child's PIN number. Generally, your child must activate the ATM bank, by putting in his or her card for the first time. From then on, you can make deposits by entering money and hitting the "deposit" button. You must ensure that your bank records your withdrawals, by typing in the amount of money that you withdraw.

Toy ATM Banks: The Appeal

Kids, while they are still young, often want to mimic their parents. Just as little girls see their mothers putting on makeup and want to imitate them, when kids see their parents using ATM machines, they become more interested in using ATM machines. ATM machines allow kids, like their parents, to make deposits and withdrawals of money, while providing kids with very realistic computerized displays of their savings to date.

Toy ATM Banks as a Teaching Tool

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