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Welcome to Arvest Online Banking!

Just about everything can be done over the internet. This includes handling finances and even banking services over the internet. Arvest online banking offers all the services that a traditional and motor bank offers but is completely online.

There are many online services that Arvest offers to their customers. A person can have their paycheck deposited directly  (mobile check deposit) into their banking account. When it is payday their money will be right in their bank. They can also deposit money into the account and withdraw the money out of their bank account at an ATM.

The online banking service can also be used to pay bill. A person can use their debit card that is linked to the bank account to pay their bills the same way that a credit card is used. They money will come right out of their bank account and have the bills paid. They can also have

autobill pay set up. When the bill is due the money will come automatically out of the bank account. A person does not have to worry about sending a check or remembering to make a payment on their own.

This online bank will still provide a person with a bank statement (e.statement). They can log onto their account at any time and see how much money they have and a history of their transactions.  A person can also request to have their bank statements emailed to them so they can balance their accounts. There is even a banking app that will allow a person access to their money over their smartphone or tablet while they are on the go. A person can even have a savings account through this bank. With online banking through Avest a person can see how much money they have at any given time and see where their money is going.

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