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I don't know too much about the policies of the bank.  Or about the fees they charge.   I did bank with a similar institution at Fort Hood which charged a fee for everything  so I don't doubt the other reviews.  I've never used the customer service phone line. I bank with them because of my job, and so far I've been very happy with the service at Armed Forces Bank.

While I don't know much about their account policies, I can review the service at this branch.  Everyone is super helpful and friendly.  They will stop what they are doing to help.  When I needed directions to the accounts desk I was escorted and introduced.  They are really good about helping me at the teller windows.  Most of the time when I visit the bank they fill out the paperwork for me. They never seem too busy to answer my questions or help me.  I've had some nice conversations with the tellers.  When I got a new debit card, the employees walked outside to the drive up ATM with me to make sure I got it activated properly.

If you join the U.S. Army, you may very well be pressured/forced to have your direct deposits go to AFB when you are in reception if you do not come with a completed DD form. Even if you have one (I did), you might still be convinced to open an account. Don't do it. Absolutely do not do it. They will fuck you. And no, you will not like it.


When I was at PLDC, or whatever they renamed it to after 2004 or 5 or whenever they renamed it (I think it was Warrior something or other), they took everything from you and you did not have time to do anything anyway because you were sequestered at camp for the duration of the course. Anywho, I got back and check my statement and some unabashedly bogus charge (only one) for the month was on there on my AFB account. I

say "what the fuck," and go on with my life as it was only like 30$ or so.

Next month: same charge, same assholes. I call said assholes. Number that only takes messages. I call at another time, thinking that maybe the HST may have lead to non-office hours; phone # that only takes messages. I call AFB and they inform me that I will have to pay 50$ or 60$ or some bullshit amount for them to "investigate" the claim. What? I am telling you that it is bogus; stop them from charging me for something they are not providing me services for.

Apparently they could not do this. I said, "%$&$%^ers."

Next month the charge is on there again. I immediately changed my direct deposit to go to First Hawai'ian Bank, emptied my account all the way to cero, and waited.

Next month: same charge taking my account, the one I will not be using ever again, into the negative. They charge me the additional penalty for overdraft; whatever that was.

Next month: same charge into my purposefully remaining open account again. Another penalty for overdraft and they finally close my account. Not nearly as much as these scam artists disguised as a legitimate banking institution allowed the other scam artists to steal from me, but enough to brighten my mood.

A couple of years back they sent me a letter proclaiming that I owe them 100+$; I chuckled. I believe I talked to one of them either right after they finally shuttered my account and shortly after the relatively recent letter, or one or the other. They asked me to pay and I told them I will never pay them. Never. Specifically, there is nothing you can do to me that would make me pay, especially since this was a matter of principle.

In closing, AFB will allow scammers to steal your funds, and when you try to get them to stop it, they will scam you in addition to doing nothing about the third party scammers to your account. - E

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