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Applying for checking account online

Apply for a Checking Account Online

Remember the olden days, when opening a checking account meant actually going to the bank? If you have the time, making an in-person visit to your local bank is still the best way to open a checking account, but the face-to-face meeting is no longer necessary. Now a person who is shopping for checking accounts can just as easily open a checking account online, gaining access to the same types of accounts as customers who actually walk into the bank branch.

To apply for checking online, first visit the Web site of the banks you would like to do business with. Not all banks will let you get checking online, but most have online checking accounts options so they can cast a wider net over potential customers in their areas. Some banks accept checking account applications online no matter where you live, while other banks may be more likely to only accept applications from people who live within a certain radius of the bank branch. Most of the national banks provide checking account applications online through their Web sites.

Use caution when applying for a checking account online. Only hand over important financial or personal information if you can confirm the Web site belongs to a company you know and trust. If you can't confirm the account, then there's no guarantee that your financial and personal information will be used as intended.

Why Open a Checking Account Online

A checking account activated online works exactly the same as a checking account created at the bank. You can use personal checks for all kinds of transactions, ranging from buying groceries to paying your monthly bills. When you start an online checking account, you have the added benefit of not having to deal with long lines or crowds at the bank. Plus, when you apply for a checking account online, you can do so at a time that works best for you. Once you're through the application process, you can choose to have your checks mailed to you, and you can

start using your new personal checks in no time. Figuring out how to open a checking account online is easy, which is why an increasing number of people have taken the virtual route to open new checking accounts.

Managing Online Checking Accounts

You can also manage your new checking account online, regardless of where or how you activated your account. Online checking accounts are great because you can automatically pay bills, wire money to family members, make ATM card purchases and even get lined up for a low-rate credit card. Electronic check cards issued with most new checking accounts work almost exactly the same as credit cards, allowing you to spend money without the need to carry cash. Online banking makes managing your account even easier and more streamlined than it's been before. If you've never used online banking, then you will be amazed at the ease-of-use of online banking interfaces once you jumpstart your online checking account.

Contact a bank or credit union in your area to learn more about online checking accounts, or get online and check out online checking account offers being shown by large national banking sites. People who already have online banking can seek help from live chat customer service representatives, or they can call 24-hour customer service hotlines to find answers to their more advanced questions. The ability to open a checking account online has made opened the door for scores of people to get checking accounts quickly and easily. is not a provider of checking accounts, loans or credit cards of any kind. We will not solicit or accept business in any state in which it is not properly registered or otherwise qualified to conduct business by virtue of a state "de minimus" exemption. This Web site does not provide investment advice, nor does it constitute an offer to provide investment advice, to any individual or entity in any state or other jurisdiction. While we may promote and make use of government services, we are not an agent of the federal government nor of any state government.

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