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Qualifying for Shield Funding’s small business loans or business cash advance programs takes little time away from your business and can be a great solution to solving any of your needs for business financing. Bad Credit, No Collateral, is not a problem. We also DO NOT require you to switch your credit card processing company if you apply for a business cash advance. Even if you have been denied in the past or have bad credit issues you may still be eligible for a business loan or a business cash advance. Apply Now!

Three Easy Steps

Fill out the simple online application. Creating this basic profile will allow us to take the steps necessary to secure a business loan for your small business. After we review your details, usually in a few minutes, one of senior financial specialists will get in touch with you to discuss the amount of funding available for you and the different payback options.


you have spoken with our financial specialists and we determine the funds available for your company we can begin processing your business loan. To complete the process we only require a one page application and approximately four months of receipts to establish your actual gross revenues. The process can be completed rather quickly.

The payback plan is just as easy. If you select a business cash advance we determine a comfortable percentage of your future sales and we handle all the payments electronically. It is set up this way so if you go through a slow business cycle the payments will adjust downward so there is no stress on your small business. If you choose one of our other business loan programs we will structure the terms and payments according to what works with your company’s financial structure. We want your company to succeed and because of our business loan programs we have seen small companies become leaders in their industry.

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