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Scottrade offers two alternatives for options trading:

Basic Options Trading - If you understand the basics and risks associated with trading options, continue with your application and add options trading to any account type when prompted. This level allows:

Choose Your Account Type

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Joint Account Applicants: Please enter the primary applicant information on this screen.

Coverdell/Custodial/Guardian Applicants: Enter the Responsible Party, Custodian, or Guardian information on this page.

Trust and Business Account Applicants: Enter the Trustee’s information on this page.

Corporate Account Applicants: Enter the information for the

primary trader for this account; please do not enter corporate information on this page.

Email Address: Please supply the email address you would like your new account communications sent to.

Home Address: Enter your physical home address. (No P.O. Boxes) This should be your legal address for tax reporting purposes. You may enter an alternate mailing address later in the application.

Additional Information: Later you will have the opportunity to add any name salutations and edit this information for accuracy.

Select Account Type: If you wish to open an account not listed, select the last option and click Continue to view all available account types.

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