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What Is a Debit Card?

A debit card is a plastic card that instantly subtracts cash from a banking account upon use, or from a prepaid amount of money deposited to a financial network. A debit card may be attached to a savings account, checking account or money market account. Unlike a charge or credit card, a debit card purchase incurs no interest. However, a debit card may have usage charges such as a fee for cash withdrawals from an ATM (automatic teller machine). Debit card purchases require a PIN (personal identification number) to make a purchase, although some cards allow purchasing on a credit network that requires only a signature. Signature purchases are common for those enrolled in cash-back reward programs with their financial institutions. A PIN debit purchase is required to get cash back.

How to Obtain a Bank Debit Card

Banks will usually dispense a debit card upon the opening of a new checking account. Some banks are able to create a card on site, while others mail cards to a person's home address. The card bearer then calls a phone number, visits a website or uses the card at a machine to activate it. For savings accounts, a bank will commonly ask if the account holder wants to receive a card. Because savings accounts are meant for long-term deposits, debit cards aren't as necessary. However, many people still get cards for these accounts for fast access to cash in case of an emergency. Many institutions charge for savings transactions above a certain quantity, and debit purchases count toward this total. After that line is passed, a fee of $10 or more is tallied for every purchase. Beware!

How to Obtain a Prepaid Debit Card

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When you use a debit card to pay a bill online. However, no such protections apply to transactions involving prepaid debit.

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These debit cards act like. apply for the upgraded or Gold-level prepaid debit card. Provide the necessary application information by phone.

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