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Advice On Debt:

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Advice About Debt - How To Become Debt Free

Welcome to, which is here to help you find the best solution to your debt problems. Whatever the cause of your current situation, there is always a way to deal with it. There may not always be a quick fix, but you can be sure that with the right advice and a little time you can get rid of your debts for good.

We will help you find the best course of action for your particular situation, and because we do not provide commercial debt services directly, we are free to recommend the most reputable experts to give advice on debt that will help you deal with your problem. We will only recommend companies that are properly regulated and which have a proven reputation for providing effective and ethical advice about debt.

While this website is primarily aimed at people in the UK, there is a lot of information that is specifically for US residents, and where there are recommendations for the best companiesto offer advice about debt, you will find these for US companies too.

Advice On Debt - Where To Start?

If you live in the UK and have at least ?3,000 worth of debts to a few different creditors, you could just complete the Online Form at the bottom of this page to ask an expert advisor from NoDebtNow to look at your situation and offer correct advice for debt management. We recommend NoDebtNow because they are one of the most highly regarded organisations offering advice on debt in the UK. They are DEMSA members, which ensure they follow very high standards of conduct in everything they do.

In general though, this site is here to help you find out whether you can deal with your situation yourself or whether you need some professional help. If you do require advice about debt we will try to help you understand the type of help you need and to recommend some good places to start.

Advice About Debt - Doing It Yourself

There are many excellent companies that can provide services to help you deal with your finances, but such services always cost money one way or another. The starting point for this website was the step by step guide on how to negotiate with creditors yourself. If you are able to tackle your problems this way you will not pay anyone else for their services and you will reap the full benefit of any negotiations you make to reduce the amount you have to repay.

By following the free guide

on how to pay off debt you can understand how to negotiate settlements with your creditors in order to pay back what you can afford. This includes sample letters to creditors and how to prepare your own personal financial statement .

Getting Professional Advice On Debt Problems

Many people are not confident about negotiating with creditors directly, and it does require a fair degree of organisation in order to prepare your financial statement and keep on top of all your paperwork. If you would rather get professional advice on debt, it will enable you to get someone who negotiates with creditors on a daily basis, you should consider using a debt management company .

The main services offered by these organisations are advice about debt, debt management plans, which provide a means of paying back your debts in full in a more affordable way. For your situation to be suitable for a debt management plan you will normally need to have at least two thousand pounds worth of debt to at least three different creditors. You will also need to have a job or at least a steady source of income that leaves you some money spare after paying your essential living costs. These are available in both the UK and US. You can find recommendations for some of the best organisations in the UK and the US on the main debt management companies page.

For people in the UK with more serious debt problems where advice for debt fails to control the situation, there is an option called an individual voluntary arrangement, or IVA. which allows you to actually write off a large part of your debt when you are unable to pay it back. This is really for people who's only alternative would be bankruptcy. You normally need to have debts of at least ?15,000. Any good debt management company can also advise you on whether an IVA is the right option and set one up if it is.

An IVA or a Debt Management Plan may well turn out to be the best solution for you, but you need to understand the pros and cons first, which is where this website comes in.

So if the do it yourself route is not for you, the best way forward is to complete the simple form at the bottom of this page and get some expert advice. A debt advisor will contact you to discuss your situation and tell you which is the best solution to your particular problem.

What About Debt Consolidation Loans?

I have written in more detail about this option on the main debt consolidation loans page, but in general there are far more situations when a loan will do you more harm than good. If you do want a consolidation loan, you can apply to the best UK lenders using the loan form on the main Loans page.

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