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1stcb Online Banking:Is it for You?

1stcb online banking

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The 1stcb Online Banking is worth taking a minute to look into. To begin with, 1stcb Online Banking stands for First Convenience Banking. Their website tells many features and benefits that can be attained by using their services. This financial institution is located widely through out the great state of Texas. They are a full service bank that could just be what is needed for a consumer.

What does 1stcb Online Banking offer that makes them the cut above the rest?

Well, to begin with, they offer various types of accounts. These range from a variety of checking accounts to different types of savings accounts. Each one of these is tailored to suit the needs of various individuals. There is a special checking account for students as well as military personnel. They also offer special accounts for senior citizens with the low age of 55 instead of the ages 65 – 70 as many banks seem to recognize today. These four accounts have no monthly fee or balance requirements. They also offer what they call Bonus Banking and Power Checking. With Bonus banking, they offer low fees and no minimum balance. They also offer a free accidental death and dismemberment policy with this account. Power checking allows users to have no monthly fee, but this account will require some qualifications to

use it. Though the cost is very low and in some cases free, people who over draw on their account are still required to pay an over draft fee. This fee is $34.97 per a check that comes back. There are two other types of checking accounts that are offered at First Convenience Bank and these two are accounts that allow a person to draw interest on them. The first one is called Checking with Interest and the second is High Yield Checking. The checking with interest accounts are offered to on both a regular scale and on a military/senior citizen scale. This financial institution prides itself on being able to offer some competitive interest rates on accounts such as these.

There are also savings accounts that vary in type offered as well.

There is a kidA?a‚¬a„?s savings account called Kids Count that is open for those under 21. They also offer regular savings accounts that require a low opening and minimum balance as well as a Christmas club called Holiday Cash Club. There is a money market account for those interested and the ability to obtain CDs (certificates of deposit). These are all interest bearing accounts that are available to anyone out there. 1stcb Online Banking is worth the time and has many choices that could be just right. Take a minute to visit their website!

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